Why a Prairie Flamingo?

I’m Donna G., I live on the prairies in western Canada.  Not the natural habitat of flamingos, but it’s quite possible to successfully flamingo your way through life here.  Being a flamingo on the prairies means you might stick out a bit, be a bit too loud and colourful for some folks, but on the plus side, flamingos are never predatory (unless you are a shrimp), just go about their business, and did I mention those fabulous skinny legs?  Amazing.  And they make the world a more joyful place just by being in it!

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And why a blog?

Anyone who knows me knows I like to talk!  And more importantly, I value being connected to other people.  I retired fall of 2017, and it’s time to step back a bit and take some new paths.  We took a huge leap and moved out of our home, into our RV and hit the road for a couple of years.  Scary but oddly exhilarating.  Through this blog I hope to share some of our adventures, learnings and likely (because you know me) our misadventures as well.  Being on the road, a vehicle to keep connected to others feels important but most importantly FUN!

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What should we talk about?

Anything and everything!  I can be funny, stupid, at times use bad language and be prone to (mis)adventure, usually of my own doing.  But at the core of my being, I’m a deeply compassionate, kind person.  And that’s what is so troubling about the world we seem to be living in.  How do we foster kindness and compassion, both in our own lives,  and the world around us?

Let’s have a dialogue here, share stories and thoughts, and create a conversation about the things that matter to us and just possibly help to make the world a kinder place.


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Next Steps…

Join the conversation.  Read the blog.  Try things.  Enjoy the journey!

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