Why should you join the Prairie Flamingo conversation?

Because deep in your heart, you know this world can be a better place. That the unkindness, rudeness, lack of consideration and at times downright meanness isn’t the way we want to live. By joining a group of like-minded individuals, we can support each other and start making the world a kinder, gentler place, one small bit at a time. Looking amazing in pink and the ability to rock feathers and a rather large beak is certainly helpful, but not required.

We won't just talk about flamingos and kindness. Ohhh no. We might also talk about relationships, family, food, wine, shoes, full-time RV'ing, and whatever else is happening and interesting. (Pretty butterfly). Where was I? Right, talking about what to talk about. This fall, my partner in crime and I started a huge adventure, traveling and making a huge shift in our lives. Oh, and you never know when Darlene and Big Ronnie from the trailer park might show up!

Why a Prairie Flamingo?

I’m Donna G., I live on the prairies in western Canada. Not the natural habitat of flamingos, but it’s quite possible to successfully flamingo your way through life here. Being a flamingo on the prairies means you might stick out a bit, be a bit too loud and colourful for some folks, but on the plus side, flamingos are never predatory (unless you are a shrimp), just go about their business, and did I mention those fabulous skinny legs? Amazing. And they make the world a more joyful place just by being in it!