Full disclosure:  I’ve never blogged, built a website or done anything in this kind of medium.  So there are bound to be glitches, mistakes, WTF moments and full on blonde moments.  But bear with me.  I’m learning something every time I log in, and my goal is to make this as pain free as possible as quickly as I can.  Anyone who is a Word Press genius….. I bow down at your feet.  I’m not worthy!

My plan is to have a dialogue here, I will share stories and thoughts, but the REAL purpose is to create a conversation about the things that matter to us and just possibly help to make the world a kinder place

Why should you join the Prairie Flamingo conversation?

Because deep in your heart, you know this world can be a better place.  That the unkindness, rudeness, lack of consideration and at times downright meanness isn’t  the way we want to live.  That by joining a group of like minded individuals, we can support each other and start making the world a kinder, gentler place, one small bit at a time.  Looking amazing in pink and the ability to rock feathers and a rather large beak are certainly helpful, but not required.

We won’t just talk about flamingos and kindness.  Ohhh no.  We might also talk about relationships, family, food, wine, shoes, full time RV’ingand whatever else is happening and interesting. (Pretty butterfly).  Where was I?  Right, talking about what to talk about.  This fall, my partner in crime and I started a huge adventure, traveling and making a huge shift in our lives.  Oh, and you never know when Darlene and Big Ronnie from the trailer park might show up!