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OMG.  I have been busy with this thing called life and have been remiss at posting, but holy cow.  Logged in today to find I have missed so many opportunities while I wasn’t paying attention.  For example:

  • Multiple opportunities to invest in crypto currency.  Sorry guys, my bitcoin purse runneth over
  • So many invites to have sex with beautiful women in my area.  And so many opportunities to become multilingual.  Apparently French, German, Russian, Canadian, US and not specified women are dying to have sex with me!  Who knew, a chick magnet at 61!  Sorry ladies, doesn’t float my boat.
  • Investments and quick money opportunities galore.  MAKE A ZILLION DOLLARS IN ONE HOUR BY DOING NOTHING.  Judging by the rhetoric making the rounds in the provincial election, that is exactly what I did for the last 25 years as a manager at AHS.  Hard pass.
  • Other unspecified opportunities. But one that mentioned Fourex.  isn’t that a condom manufacturer?  ummmmm no!

So that was fun, pushing delete about 100 times.  I feel so bad turning down all these fantastic offers, but too busy trying to turn water into wine etc.

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