Blessings and some not so blessed, OR 2019 so far

Thanks to those of you who have been poking me to get a post up!  The last couple of months have been adventure packed, so without going into excruciating detail, a quick summary.

When I left you dear readers, I had just broken a tooth.  Turns out it was actually a crown, and since it was less than 5 years old, insurance does not want to pay for it.  Really??  Do ya think I broke it for fun??

Grandbaby #2 was due in late January, but second week of January Son 2 asked if I could come up and help out.  A thousand times YES!  So I headed up to Edmonton, arrived Monday, got the day care pick up mastered on Tuesday and Mr. Baby decided to make an early arrival, sending Mama into labour Wednesday evening and made his arrival in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  He is of course gorgeous, perfect amazing and I relished a few weeks of baby snuggling and spending lots of time dressing dollies and playing with Miss E.  The other grandma arrived soon after his arrival, so it was Grandma stereo, but the kids seemed to cope with having us both around and we all parted friends.  I feel so privileged to have been able to share that experience with them and to have been able to drop and go when needed.  Grandpa Ron arrived after a couple of weeks, we visited, had a baby shower and then zoomed off to Regina.  Regina.  The scene of the crime.

Still finishing business for my Dad’s estate and for Mom.  Spent time with the banks, and actually lost my cool with the tax preparation guy.  If you thought government had a monopoly on petty bureaucracy, hold my beer.  This guy was so difficult I actually grabbed Mom’s documents out of his hand and walked out of his office.  While there, it was the 1 year anniversary of Dad’s passing, so brother A and his lovely wife offered to host a get together for their friends, and we video chatted in brother B and Uncle J.  So heartwarming to spend time in the company of people who loved him and share some stories.

However, that afternoon while shopping for liquor and snacks, the afore mentioned crime occurred.  Walking across the Superstore parking lot I slipped on ice, did a backflip, pinned my right leg under myself and felt things go snap (or sproing?).  I admit, I laid on the ground for a moment and contemplated just laying there until I died, but after a few minutes managed to roll over and get on my feet.  After a night of no sleep and too much pain, off we went to the ER.  Now, any nurses in the crowd know there are 2 kinds of people:  Those who go to ER for everything, and those who don’t go even when they should.  I’m in the second camp, and after apologizing profusely to the triage nurses for darkening their door, and them eyeballing my knee and suggesting I had dislocated my kneecap, they assured me I was right in being there.  X-rays, examinations by a handsome young Dr., aspiration of blood out of the knee, it was decided I had possibly ruptured my ACL, MCL, meniscus or combo of all the above.  Headed back to Edmonton on crutches and in a splint to be seen by a completely dismissive ER physician there, and by my Family Dr.’s competent, caring and helpful partner.  Determined that it was too soon to tell what the damage was due to swelling, so might as well go to Arizona and recover in the sun.  So I have progressed to wearing the brace when out in public, able to walk around in a grocery store and starting not to use the step stool to get in and out of the truck.  See my family Dr. when we get home. It’s still painful and swollen, so who knows?

To distract me, friends from Edmonton came to visit. and I acted as tour coordinator and we had an action packed and fun 10 days.  The landscape and scenery here is breathtaking.  We stood on the corner in Winslow Arizona, went to a meteor crater, saw Indian pueblo dwellings, went to a variety show, pizza at Organ Stop pizza, rode a Paddle wheeler on Canyon Lake, went to a spring training baseball game….. etc etc….

Since they left, we have been doing some day trips, hopefully next year I will be able to play golf and hike.  Ron has been hiking with friends and his pictures are spectacular.

And so, now it’s nearly time to head home.  We are taking a route up the west coast, making some stops to be tourist and will be home by Easter.

And so, what have I learned?

  • Babies will come when THEY want to.
  • Being a grandma is still the most awesome job
  • If you show a little girl the mittens you are knitting for grandpa, she will want some too, and if you work hard, you can finish them before you leave!
  • Having little kids is tiring!!
  • I am not nearly as bendy as I used to be, and should try to avoid defying gravity
  • If you buy winter boots with ice grippy teeth, you probably should use them.
  • I can still excel spreadsheet, make a calendar of events and put together a tour package, in color, with pictures too!
  • There is still so much to see and do that we will come back to Arizona next year
  • No matter how much I grumble, whinge, bitch and moan, my body will heal at the rate it wants to.
  • I still really, really like Portuguese wine!

Thanks for staying with me!  Til next time.  Gotta go and use my free cryptocurrency to meet an amazing Russian woman who wants to help me make thousands of $$….



3 thoughts on “Blessings and some not so blessed, OR 2019 so far”

  1. Oh my dear, you have the worst luck! Hopefully it’s feeling better and you can still enjoy some summer!

    We should try to connect while you are home this summer – Victoria, 2.0 and I would love to see you!

  2. Hello Donna. So sorry to hear about your MIShap and MISfortune…I was hoping you had a MISadventure that caused it. Hope it is getting better! Well wishes!

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