Gee it’s great to be back home again….

Any of you old enough to remember John Denver?  Loved that song.  So, we finished our time in Arizona at the end of March.  Good friends, good times, good music at the Thursday night jams, but it was time to head home.

We decided to take the western route and drove through California, Oregon and Washington.  California is immense, the Joshua trees were in bloom, orange trees, flowers.  And the wine.  Oh my, the wine.  In Napa we took a wine tour.  What happens when you take 11 hilarious people: a bride to be and her mother in law and grandmother in law to be from Missouri, a mother and daughter from Texas, friends from New Jersey, a couple from Seattle and us.  Add in way too much wine, four amazing vineyards, a kick ass tour guide, a cheese tray and you create an instant new family!  WE had a great day, so much fun that the whole group, including Gary the tour guide met for supper that night!  If you go to Napa, take a Platypus tour.  You will love it!

The Oregon coast is rugged and beautiful, we saw sea lions and giant redwoods, but the most amazing thing…. squeal…. In Newport, the camp ground we stayed in was right beside the Rogue brewery.  Walking distance from the trailer.  A funky little pub that was a treasure hunt to find.  Through the brewery, around the brew tanks, through the gift shop and up the rickety stairs.  Great beer and good food.  The Batsquatch beer was delicious, along with the Passionfruit something or other.  Made new friends with a group sailing a boat from San Diego to Seattle. In Everett. Washington we toured the Boeing plant, to Ron’s disappointment, they did not give free samples of jets.

We finished our trip by visiting family in Surrey and Prince George, friends in Chiliwack, Cache Creek and Hinton, and pulled into our temporary home at the trailer park on April 20. Darlene and Big Ronnie are back in residence.  My spandex capris and polyester trucking company jacket are back in rotation.

The grand babies grew so much while we were gone.  Miss E is 3 going on 16, full on sass and so much fun.  Mr. T is the happiest, smiliest baby.  There is some excellent parenting happening there!  We have babysat a bit (having two toddlers is frigging exhausting), done day care pick ups, built trains, discussed Disney princesses and eaten snacks.  It’s so great to spend time with them.

Our time has been packed with visiting and errands before we head off on our trek across Canada.

So this wasn’t an exciting post, but as usual, I did learn some things:

Orange trees will make you sneeze when they pollenate

Beer with a crazy name, in a funky pub, while you talk to a guy dressed as Gilligan is amazing.

You can be family for a day with a complete group of strangers, when everyone is open, friendly, hilarious and did I mention there was a lot of wine?

Staying connected to old friends and family is so wonderful.

If you focus and work at it, you can knit a lot of baby blankets while zooming down the highway.

Late April/early May weather in Alberta can suck.  Really hard.  But an electric mattress warmer pad is the bomb.

If you are willing to cough up the cash, you can get an MRI in 4 days vs 6 months in the public system.  Wednesday we will see if I really do have some screws loose (in my knee) or if I’m just a really committed whiner.

Portuguese wine is still delicious.  Even in Canada. So is California wine.  Probably even hooch in a paper bag is too.

Not seeing your BFF for over 6 months is waaaaaaay too long.

So, that’s what I know!  Flock on.

2 thoughts on “Gee it’s great to be back home again….”

  1. It sounds like you had an awesome trip home ,but how could you not with all the wine , next year I’m back to Canada with you . Have a great summer ,when going through Regina give us a call and we will go for supper .


  2. I don’t think your screws are loose, or do you really need an MRI to confirm it…lol good read, must take in a wine tour obviously, just added it to my bucket list. Cheers and flock on 😜

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