Golf and other impossibilities

So here we are in beautiful Fairmont BC.  Land of mountains and blue skies.  Land of a million golf courses.  Land of WTF, why did the ball go there when I clearly meant it to go…. there.  Learning to play golf has been a humbling and exasperating journey.  Usually, if I want to master something I read up on it, think about it for a while and …. voila, a reasonable enough facsimile of the thing happens.  Golf…. not so much.  I possess the physical dexterity of a mollusc.  The speedy reaction time of a rock.  So golf has been a journey in WTF moments and frustration.  And wondering why I’m such a nimrod that I can’t master something that everyone else around me seems to excel in.  But, I have learned to appreciate doing something badly, and still showing up.  I do love the time outdoors, the green grass and trees, the companionship of friends, the chance to get some exercise.  I’ve decided that my classification is that I’m a good bad golfer.  A bad golfer, but I’m really good at being bad.  Nailed it!!  And, I’m ok with that.

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