Habitation Levitation and other tricks

A dear friend owns a company that specializes in habitation levitation.  Which is raising, levelling and fixing buildings that are sinking into the ground.  His company has spiffy t-shirts in day glo yellow, and after me pestering him for one, he gave in and gave me one with the condition that I would provide a photo while wearing it.  Soooooo…. here are some photos of where the shirt has appeared.  Said shirt has also been pressed into service as a spare shirt on laundry day, nightgown, bathing suit cover up.  Who knows where it might show up next.

Lisbon with Sagres beer
Belem, Portugal with vinho verde
Schmalkalden, Germany at the Christmas Market
It’s a girl, my lord, with a flatbed Ford in Winslow Arizona
Apache Junction, imitating a cactus. There is the shadow of a cougar on the rock behind me. Ron claims he sees 2 cougars. I don’t see it.





3 thoughts on “Habitation Levitation and other tricks”

  1. What can I say. I am heading to Regina in the morning for a couple days. Up to Chamberland for Kubasaw. Great article. Well worth giving you that shirt.

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